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How can a personal injury lawyer help me?


Following an accident, you may have many questions about what to do next, what your rights are and how to effectively pursue those rights. People who seem to have your best interests in mind may approach you, including insurance adjusters and attorneys for the person responsible for your accident. Will you know what to say to them? Will you know how to judge whether their offers are fair and sufficient?

Accidents and injuries happen every day, and you may think that yours is something you can handle on your own. However, just as you rely on a medical professional to guide you in the steps of your physical recovery, you will certainly benefit from the trained and experienced guidance of a legal advocate for any issues where your rights are on the line.

The benefits of legal counsel

It is likely that the insurance company of the person responsible for your accident will offer you a settlement for your injuries. You can almost guarantee that such an offer will be well below the sum it will require to pay for your medical treatment and get your life back to normal. The insurance adjuster's job is to protect the profits of the company. Having a personal injury attorney means having someone whose job it is to seek your best interests.

Unless you have knowledge of the South Carolina laws governing personal injury cases and insurance claims, you are outmatched by the agents and attorneys who will be working for the other side. Even the process of accurately completing the paperwork may be overwhelming, especially if you are still in pain and trying to recover. Your attorney has experience dealing with these matters and likely has many successful strategies to improve the outlook for your case, including alternative dispute resolution to save you the stress of a trial.

A team on your side

Personal injury attorneys also have a network of professionals working with them, including investigators, medical experts and scientists who will construct a solid and convincing argument for your side. By yourself, you would likely be unable to produce the results of such a team, particularly from a hospital bed.

Allowing an attorney to evaluate your case and advise you on the merits of pursuing a civil action often costs you nothing. Most offer free initial consultations, and many take personal injury clients on a contingency basis. You may find that you are better able to direct your attention to your recovery if you have a strong legal advocate working for you.

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